Our Accomplishments

Cumulative stats since inception, as of year end 2017
145 Birds
70* Birds
137 Educational
26 Volunteers
18,987 People

*52% release rate. Survival rate is higher, but some are transferred to another rehabilitator or enter our educational program after being determined unreleasable.

About The Talon Trust

The Talon Trust, Inc. is dedicated to conservation of native raptors through raptor rescue and rehabilitation, and public educational experiences. We are headquartered in Evansville, Indiana and serve the Southwestern Indiana region.

The Talon Trust, Inc. was founded in 2013 as an Indiana nonprofit organization and a 501c3 public charity. Operations are made possible through public individual and corporate donations, grants, and program fees.  We are an all-volunteer organization, and have no salaried staff. We operate all rescues and programs out in the community. All birds are cared for and housed on private property, and we do not offer public tours at this time, so we do not incur public facility costs. funding goes toward care and maintenance of our raptors and outreach programs.