• May 21, 2016
    Luna (Barred Owl, female)

    Luna suffered a collision with a car in the Evansville area in 2007. She is fully flighted, but is handicapped for hunting due to the resulting blindness in her right eye. She sees well in her other eye, however, and trains it in a glaring stare on anything that looks unpleasant.  She is trained to do programs, and furthermore insists on stardom treatment, as any diva would. She is cool, calm, and collected in programs, and strives to give the appearance that nothing can ruffle her feathers.

  • April 5, 2016
    Hoot (Barred Owl, male)

    Hoot was found on the ground in the Evansville area in 2012. Having just fledged the nest, he could not perch or hunt properly due to a deformed left foot, which did not form properly below the ankle. He doesn’t do programs yet, so his main occupation is to beg for food (as all teenagers do), and pester his ‘mew’-mate Luna.