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To protect the health of our birds and our volunteers from COVID-19 risk, we are not scheduling in-person outreach programs until at least March 1, 2021. However, we are offering virtual programs with our birds and educators. Programs run from 15-45 minutes, and fees range from $50-$150. Inquire for more details.

The Talon Trust has several resident raptors that are not releasable due to the severity of their injuries. They now rely on our care, and are accustomed to making public appearances as educational ambassadors for their kind. We provide public or private educational programs and enlightening experiences with these live raptors for all audiences. These programs offer up-close, uncensored experiences with these magnificent predators, perfectly adapted to survival in the wild.

We have appeared at public community events, schools, scout groups, churches, garden clubs, conferences, environmental clubs, etc. We customize our programs per the needs of the audience, venue, time allotment, program goals, school standards, etc. Most of our programs are 30-60 minutes, and include 1-3 live raptors. We can provide a “meet and greet” opportunity for a large flowin group, or teach about predator adaptations, food webs, or human impact to a seated audience. Many of our volunteers are experienced educators, current or retired.

We request a donation of $50-$100 for most programs. (Additional fees may be requested for out of county travel, very large audiences, or very lengthy programs.) We recommend scheduling at least 2 weeks in advance. Contact us using the form below to schedule your program today!

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