The Talon Trust cares for wild raptors. Wildlife belongs to no one, and to everyone. Wildlife is a public gift, and a public responsibility. The Talon Trust does not get paid to rescue wildlife, and the government does not help with the cost. Rescuers that help wildlife do so out of the goodness of their own hearts and pockets.

But rescue and rehabilitation is a costly service. We must maintain secure enclosures, food, medical supplies, and equipment. We operate on a budget of $5,000 per year. We do not have paid staff or public facilities, so all of our budget goes towards care and maintenance of our birds and outreach programs. We raise the funds to operate from program fees, individual, and corporate donations and grants. Since we are a 501c3 pubic charity, donations are tax deductible. Donate today!

It costs us $10-$15 a day to feed our resident raptors, plus some for our wild patients. We feed about 15-25 farm-raised mice or chicks per day.

Your Donation Buys...

$10 = 15 mice

$25 = 35 mice

$50 = 70 mice

$100 = 140 mice

$250 = 360 mice


We also have sponsorship packages for businesses, groups, and individuals. Sponsorships assist in funding daily care for injured raptors, providing food, medicine, medical services, and safe enclosures. They also allow us to provide our educational outreach programs at minimal cost or free to the public. As a valuable sponsor, your name and logo may be showcased on our promotional materials and during our lively programs. You will be recognized as a supporter and partner of our mission, and as a model of civic and environmental responsibility that benefits our community.